Developing and implementing the “Toward a Just Contract” campaign. In connection with the expiring contract between the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) and CUNY in November 2017, our multifaceted campaign highlights the issues and communities that are integral to achieving a just contract, broadly considered, in the next round of bargaining. (See the first volume of our related zine!)

Organizing for full and fair funding for all doctoral students. Approximately 30% of incoming doctoral students do not receive full five-year funding packages. Students who only receive tuition waivers face out-sized obstacles to the completion of their programs. We’re fighting for full and fair funding. Find out more here.

Collaborating with the DSC to address tuition payments/permanent tuition remission for GC doctoral students. Currently tuition remission expires for GC doctoral students after their first five years/10 semesters as registered students, proving a significant financial burden for the many students who need more time to complete their degrees, especially given how much teaching and other instructional labor we provide CUNY overall.

Continuing our outreach to GC programs and CUNY campuses begun in spring 2016 vis-à-vis the PSC strike-authorization vote but with an eye to the next contract: specifically, holding conversations with and activating more GC student-workers and CUNY adjuncts to participate in academic-labor organizing.

Connecting with graduate-employee unions at private universities in the aftermath of the National Labor Relations Board decision of August 2016 that such unions must be recognized by employers.

As always, we’ll also be addressing issues for which individual GC students reach out to us directly.

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