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COVID-19 Open Letter for Universal Doctoral Student Health Insurance

A third of CUNY Graduate Center PhD students receive tuition assistance only &, unlike their fully-funded counterparts, are not guaranteed health insurance. This is unacceptable. Particularly so in the midst of a global pandemic. #InsureCUNY.

*Number of signatures on our Spring 2019 open letter demanding universal graduate assistant positions and access to health insurance.

Read more about the campaign here, and the letter published in Adjunct Project blog here.

To sign the letter and for more information on the Full and Fair Funding campaign, visit

Please sign here: COVID-19 Open Letter for Universal Doctoral Student Health Insurance



EVENT: #CUNYStrikeReady Teach- In Listening Series 1: What’s Next?

The PSC has voted in favor of a strike readiness resolution, what’s next?

Join the first teach- in of our series on strike readiness! Organized by the CUNY Adjunct Project, a member of #CUNYStrikeReady (CCSAVC).

Be a part of an incredible teach- in with CCSAV Coalition members, endorsers, and other academic organizers, on December 3rd, 2020 from 5pm- 6pm. Register now for this digital teach- in.

Check out the resolution presented by PSC leadership, passed at the PSC Special DA 11.23.2020, with amendments from the Cross Campus Strike Authorization Vote Coalition (CCSAVC).

We will discuss PSC Strike Readiness Authorization campaign, cross- campus solidarity, barriers, & solutions moving forward. Our panelists will discuss the realties of race, migration, class, cross- title/ cross- campus organizing, & more.


  • Saira Rafiee, Rafael A. Mutis, Izzy Plowright, Gerry Martini; Moderated by CUNY Adjunct Project Co- Organizer, jamila hammami
Hosted by the CUNY Adjunct Project (AP) & co- organized with the Adjunct Project, the Graduate Center PSC Chapter & Rank and File Action


Register to stay up to date with upcoming teach- ins in the series!

Register for the zoom meeting directly at the link below!

When: Dec 3, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Read more about this event and look at our collaborative jamboard here.


Endorse: Resolution for a Strike Authorization Campaign and Vote!

Read brief update here

Quick view of final resolution:PSC Must Prepare for Strike- Readiness As Part of the Fight to Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save CUNY” final resolution presented by PSC leadership, passed at the PSC Special DA 11.23.2020, with amendments from the Cross Campus Strike Authorization Vote Coalition (CCSAVC).

Read about #CUNYStrikeReady here, below is some info:

(Image credit @CutCovidNotCUNY)

“Newly formed coalition included members of the Anti-Racist Coalition at Brooklyn CollegeCut Covid Not CUNYRank & File Action (RAFA), over seven different campuses, and multiple titles including adjuncts, full-timers, and HEOs. The resolution itself links the strike campaign and vote to concerns about systemic racism at CUNY as well as unsafe reopenings in schools for librarians and other titles, and the persistent eroding of student learning conditions through larger class sizes and reduced class offerings.. Endorsed by Free CUNY and campus YDSA, with a total of 63 individual endorsers and 17 group endorsements (including CUNY for Abolition and Safety, the Black Student Union of the City University of New York, the Graduate Center PSC Executive Committee, and the CUNY Adjunct Project), which can be reviewed via the link to the resolution above.

– “Strike Readiness Vote at the PSC Delegate Assembly”, CUNY Struggle

Short URL for this document:

Read the update here.



Join us! SUPPORT FARM WORKERS! All of our labor is connected!

The Adjunct Project and the DSC Student Life Services will host a reception and panel this Thursday, November 14th from 6pm- 8pm with the Alliance for Fair Food (AFF) and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) at the CUNY Graduate Center, room 5489.

CIW is a Florida-based & UN-recognized human rights organization led by migrant farmworkers from Guatemala, Mexico and Haiti. Through a powerful alliance with consumer allies across the country, the CIW has committed 14 multi-billion dollar tomato buyers and 90% of Florida’s tomato growers to eliminating the exploitation and extreme abuses that were once endemic to our agricultural industry.

CIW and AFF will be in NYC to mobilize folks for our Major NYC Boycott Wendy’s March on November 18th!

We look forward to seeing you at the reception & panel on November 14th, a long with the mobilization on November 18th!

Speakers: Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Alliance for Fair Food
Hosted by Adjunct Project & Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (CUNY)

The Adjunct Project seeks to empower GC student-workers by serving as a resource to:

  • raise consciousness about academic labor issues inside and outside CUNY,
  • provide political education to GC adjuncts about ways to address these issues, and
  • activate GC student-workers to improve their collective position as workers at CUNY.

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 Supported by the CUNY Doctoral Students Council.