As part of our campaign for a just contract, the Adjunct Project advocates for a $7,000/course minimum for adjuncts. Currently, CUNY adjuncts – who teach the majority of classes – earn an unliveable $3,200/course.

We support related efforts by adjuncts and graduate student workers, including the $7k or Strike campaign, which builds rank and file power towards a strike in the event that the next contract falls short of this demand. Check out supporting resolutions by the Graduate Center chapter of the PSC and the Doctoral Students Council [PDF] for additional information.

We also work together with the Committee of Adjuncts and Part-timers to press for a robust campaign for the contract demand of a minimum of $7,000 per course for adjuncts, and to build the power of adjuncts and other part-timers within the PSC.

The Adjunct Project regularly shares events related to the $7k demand on our Facebook page. Follow us there for the latest!