The CUNY Adjunct Project collaborates on External & Labor Relations with those outside of CUNY. The CUNY Adjunct Project believes in organizing in solidarity with all workers. We work to uplift the external struggles at CUNY as a part of our political education to graduate workers and adjuncts, while also working to uplift CUNY labor and student struggles externally.

Co-Organizer of External & Labor Relations, Jamila Hammami has been engaged in several campaigns in solidarity with workers’ struggles across the United States, specifically with excluded workers. Namely, excluded migrant workers and those that are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. The labor, union, and strike solidarity work has included mobilization, photographic and video footage, video design, solidarity rally planning, MC’ing, and more. The specific campaigns that there has been engagement with have been with the Farm Workers, Laundry Workers’ Center (below), and #BAmazonUnion Drive. Currently, the campaigns include Amazon Labor Union (ALU),  NYC Coalition to end Mayoral Control,  collaboration with the DGSC Health & Wellness center to build a resource website for graduate workers, and the new solidarity political education movement series, Dispatches from the Struggle. 

Dispatches from the Struggle

Dispatches from the Struggle is a series that focuses on intersectional community organizing and social movement struggles. Dispatches from the Struggle seeks to connect struggles and build solidarity and power across movements and is free and open to the global community.

Questions? Contact the Co-Organizer of External & Labor Relations at the Adjunct Project and Founder & Organizer of Dispatches from the Struggle, Jamila Hammami, jamila.hammami[@]