The Adjunct Project seeks to empower Graduate Center student-workers and contingent faculty at CUNY by serving as a resource to:

➝ Raise consciousness about academic labor issues inside and outside CUNY

➝ Provide political education to GC adjuncts about ways to address these issues

➝ Activate GC student-workers to improve their collective position as workers at CUNY

➝ Work in solidarity with labor struggles outside of CUNY


While the Adjunct Project seeks to help graduate student-workers address their immediate labor issues, a long-term goal of the project is to create a new culture at the Graduate Center that challenges the individualistic, atomized, competitive atmosphere of academia.

We are also acutely aware of the ways that workers are exploited based on their race, their class, their gender identity and presentation, their ability, their sexuality, their immigration status and nationality, and the dispossession of their lands and neighborhoods through processes of settler colonialism and gentrification. We work diligently to center these contradictions, work against them, and expose their invisibility in the larger labor and broader movement in order to build solidarity across movements and transform how our labor power is understood and used.

By working together to improve our collective position as student-workers at CUNY we can promote a culture that emphasizes a different set of values, replacing the academic culture of competitive individualism with one of support and solidarity.

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