What is the People’s Budget?

The People’s Budget seeks to use the research and reimagining of CUNY’s budget as an organizing tool to build a coalition to fund what we need in order to be a true “CUNY for the People.” Amidst existing austerity and the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, we are experiencing acute challenges that stem from long-term divestment from higher education, institutional racism at CUNY, and management hostile to rank and file workers. However, we have witnessed unprecedented budget flexibility demonstrated at the state, city, and management level and we know we can demand more.

Adjunct Project aims to serve existing organizing at CUNY campuses and constituency groups with research into the CUNY budget with the purpose of building strike-readiness across CUNY and collection of campus- and constituency-specific demands around anti-austerity, abolition, and student/worker need through targeted, specific inquiries about existing budget allocations and priorities.

Upcoming Event: Debt Reveal + People’s CUNY Launch

Co-organized by the CUNY Adjunct Project & the Graduate Center PSC

Apr 15, 2021 02:00 PM EST, check out the budget graphics and register at the CUNY Debt Reveal here.