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Organizing in Crisis – Organization After Crisis: Experiences from New Orleans to Keratea, Greece


Join a conversation–co-sponsored by the CUNY Adjunct Project–with Jordan Flaherty and Themis Pellas on their experiences organizing in times of crisis and the organizational forms that emerge in those spaces as well as the challenges to organizing and building long lasting groups/assemblies/networks, in Room 5109 @ 5pm.

Jordan Flaherty is a long time journalist and organizer based in New Orleans. He is a television producer at Al Jazeera and the author of Floodlines: Community and Resistance From Katrina to the Jena Six.

Themis Pellas is an urbanist, having been active in the mobilizations and assemblies over the past years in Greece.

*This Event is co-sponsored by the Adjunct Project

Friday 12/7 @ 4 PM: planning meeting for spring 2013 student debt crisis and resistance conference!

Hi all! This is happening on Friday 12/7, at 4pm at the GC Room 5414. Come if you can!!!


The International Committee of the PSC/CUNY, would like to invite you to join us this Friday, December 7th at 4 PM in Rm 5414 of the Graduate Center.  We look forward to collaborating with interested CUNY graduate students and faculty to plan for a March 2013 one-day conference on the crisis of student debt, resistance to the debt and the impact of student debt on future student employment decision-making and the potential of lurking unemployment and deepening debt challenges.


This is a preliminary organizational meeting to plan for the conference’s direction, themes, and participants and we are looking to the critical input from interested CUNY graduate students and faculty.  The tentative conference title would be “Student Resistance to Debt and Unemployment.” 


We want it to have both a CUNY and a US focus as well as an invitation to one or another foreign student leader to bring in a comparative international context regarding privatization and austerity in higher education elsewhere.  However, we are also keen on assessing the increasing challenges of rising college tuition and the mounting debt crisis among US undergraduate and graduate students that impacts on their future lives and working goals. 


Like mortgages and credit card debt, students are tied to educational debt that always accompanies them in the marketplace.  Students are ineligible for bankruptcy protection and future salaries can be garnished and income tax refunds seized.  Additionally most student loan paybacks are in arrears so they are accumulating compounded interest plus penalty fees. These factors can have a severe impact on students finding employment of choice. 


As student debt repayments are financialized and repackaged we see connections between the neo-liberal economic project and the role of financially dependent students in American society.  We see student debt as having a deleterious impact on university curriculum development and the subsequent reverberations on society, social structure, and the kind of educated students we need to confront injustice and inequity through critical thinking. 


NYSHIP Navigation Workshop

Hey guys. So I know we’ve been super occupied (haha, pun intended) with other things recently, but there’s going to be this workshop on how to successfully navigate NYSHIP (your health insurance if you’re a doctoral student at the GC) next Thursday 12/8 @ 2pm. I know this sounds boring, but we’re trying to make it useful and exciting–kind of like a “skill share”! It will be a place for people to share the names of providers who have been good for them and who take our insurance, things to ask/say when you make/go to an appointment, situations that you have been able to actually get taken care of with NYSHIP (like, financial things that have been resolved), but also the particular areas that still need improvement. No administrators will be there giving boring presentations; instead students who have a lot of experience with using the insurance will share their expertise and field questions!

Please send me any and all ideas you have for how to make this workshop most useful, and also let me know if you’d be willing to participate and share an anecdote or a particular piece of knowledge that you have acquired about navigating NYSIHP. We can also of course talk about how NYSHIP should be changed, and we can strategize about ways to do that if folks are into that.

The workshop will be on Thursday December 8th @ 2pm in Room 5414.

ALL OUT: Wed N16 Faculty Speak-out in Support of OWS/Student Strike + Thurs N17 City-wide Student Strike!!!

#occupyCUNY/Graduate Center General Assembly invites you to…

Faculty Speak-out: Supporting the N17 Student Strike!!!
Wednesday, November 16th
6:30 PM @ Proshansky Auditorium, The Graduate Center

Scheduled speakers:

Anne McClintock (UW-Madison Professor of English and Gender Studies)
Neil Smith (Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography, Graduate Center)
Stanley Aronowitz (Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Urban Education, Graduate Center)
Susan Buck-Morss (Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Graduate Center)
Ira Shor (Professor of English, College of Staten Island and Graduate Center)
Katie Cumiskey (Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Staten Island)
Ashley Dawson (Associate Professor of English, Graduate Center, College of Staten Island)
Ammiel Alcalay (Professor of English, Graduate Center and Queens College)
Anthony Alessandrini (Associate Professor of English, Kingsborough Community College)
Jackie DiSalvo (Associate Professor of English, Baruch and the Graduate Center)
Patricia Clough (Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Queens College and the Graduate Center)

Check this out for the list of faculty who have signed the support letter:

And sign it here:!

This event will be immediately followed at 8:30PM by:

Emergency organizing meeting of GC GA in Proshansky to prepare for N17 strike and OWS support!!!

****************************************************************** PLUS

N17 City-Wide Student Strike in emergency solidarity with Occupy Wall Street!!!


Thursday, November 17th

1pm: speak-out/rally outside Graduate Center

2pm: march to Union Square city-wide education meet-up

3pm: OWS Education convergence

5pm: mass community/labor/student rally to defend Occupy Wall Street

There will also be tablings in the GC lobby all day today and tomorrow for more info…

We hope to see you there!

In solidarity,

The Graduate Center General Assembly/#occupyCUNY

Walk-out and Community/Labor March to Wall Street! WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5TH!

Wednesday, October 5th!!!

National Student Walk-out against tuition hikes & budget cuts, and in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet

+ COMMUNITY/LABOR MARCH TO WALL STREET!!! at 4:30pm at Foley Square, Duane St and Centre St (outside 26 Federal Plaza)

If you’re at Hunter College that day, a speak-out will occur at 1pm outside the Hunter West bldg at 68th and Lexington


Grad Center folks will meet in the lobby at 3:45pm for a caravan to leave at 4pm sharp (another group will also leave at 4:15pm if ou can’t make the first caravan) for a mass student/labor/community rally at *Foley Square* that will march to Liberty Plaza, the site of Occupy Wall Street.

More info about the rally:

Union workers and community members impacted by the economic crisis have been demanding that Wall Street and the wealthiest New Yorker’s pay their fair share of taxes.

Let’s march down to Wall Street to welcome the protesters and show the faces of New Yorkers hardest hit by corporate greed.

We’ll be meeting up and assembling at 4:30 at Foley Square, march past City Hall, and meet up with our brothers and sisters at Zuccotti Park and unite in solidarity. #occupywallstreet organizers, labor leaders, and members of community organizations will speak to the assembly about Why We Stand United!

Participating Organizations Include:

United NY
Strong Economy for All Coalition
Working Families Party,
Community Voices Heard
Alliance for Quality Education
New York Communities for Change
Coalition for the Homeless
Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)
TWU Local 100
The Job Party
NYC Coalition for Educational Justice
The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center
The New Deal for New York Campaign
National People’s Action
Human Services Council
Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
Citizen Action of NY
SEIU 1199
CWA 1109
Communications Workers of America
Democracy for NYC
United Auto Workers
United Federation of Teachers
Professional Staff Congress – CUNY
National Nurses United
Common Cause NY
Writers Guild East
New Bottom Line
Tenants & Neighbors
CWA Local 1180
Resource Generation
Tenants PAC
Association of Tenants of Lincoln Towers
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Urban Youth Collaborative
Queers for Economic Justice
CAAV: Organizing Asian Communities
Street Vendor Project
Urban Youth Collaborative
NY Students Rising
Greater NYC for Change
New York Immigration Coalition
Community-Farmworker Alliance NYC
National Alliance of HUD Tenants
American 99ers Union
Teamsters Locals 701 and 560

**next Adjunct Project working mtg this Friday**

Hi, everyone,

This is a lil’ reminder about the Adjunct Project’s next working mtg:
Friday, September 23, 2-4pm
Graduate Center room 5414
Free food and drinks, so bring a friend or five.
The weather’s changing, so get a rad scarf too. $5 each, or $10 solidarity rate.

Here are some proposed topics to discuss:
*report-backs about the PSC trainings last week
*Plan our involvement in the Sept. 26 CUNY BoT protest
*discuss our involvement in the Oct. 7 Defending Public Higher Ed Conference at the GC
*Fall’11/Spring’12 workshop schedule proposal based on your survey responses
*Create AP working groups (health care, contract campaign/GC chapter, workshops, media/publicity, etc.) that can hold “break-out” activity sessions for part of each AP mtg, then report back to the group
*Establish a semi-regular GC/CUNY outreach tabling schedule
*AP website and office need love! Solicit volunteers to help out…
*What else do YOU think we should talk about?

Please forward out to friends/colleagues/other lists, and let’s keep the political momentum going—>

on behalf of the AP co-cos,


We welcome YOU to our first meeting of Fall 2011

on Tuesday, September 6th, at 4pm in CUNY

Graduate Center room 5409; i.e. JOIN US!!




1. person associated with lesser value, wages, importance;

i.e. second-class.

2. person working at a college or university without full or

permanent job status or protection; i.e. precarious.

3. majority of educators at the City University of New York

who teach the majority of its courses; i.e. exploited.

Ad·junct Proj·ect

[aj-uhngkt proj-ekt]


1. organization of CUNY teachers and students who collaborate

to transform our university through workshops, reading circles,

conferences, PSC-CUNY union involvement, and creatively

robust forms of social justice; i.e. activated.

2. committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism, immigrants’ rights,

LGBTQI equality, diverse abilities; i.e. principled.

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