Join the fight for full and fair funding

Many current and incoming doctoral students at the CUNY Graduate Center, as much as 50% of some new cohorts, receive no funding at all beyond five-year tuition waivers.

Students who only receive tuition waivers face out-sized obstacles to the completion of their programs, including scrambling to piece together a living, limited access to health care, exclusion from some fellowships, and being left to compete for a limited number of adjunct and GA positions – any of which may be revoked at the last minute.

We’re a working group organizing for full and fair funding packages for all doctoral students. Check out our Facebook page for info on our next meeting, or email us to get involved:


Fall 2020: A group of our members have drafted a list of FAQs on the question of full and fair funding packages for all. See them here.

Spring 2019: As an important step towards Full and Fair funding, we’ve launched an open letter for universal graduate assistant positions and access to health insurance. Sign it now!

Fall 2018: We’ve officially launched our funding surveys, for first year PhD students and all other PhD students. By taking five minutes to tell us about your funding situation, you’ll help us develop a fuller picture of how money gets allocated at the GC and its effects on you.

April 2018: We drafted and passed a Resolution for Full and Fair Funding [PDF] at the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council plenary meeting

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