Hello to everyone, and hope you’re doing well!

Jenn, Luke, and I, along with our friends/colleagues at OpenCUNY, have agreed for some time that the Adjunct Project website—this site right here that you’re visiting—could use a redesign to make it more streamlined and easily navigable. We’ve been trying to work on this project ourselves over the last year or so but it’s always slid to the back burner because of higher-priority issues.

Fortunately, we finally realized we could reach out to the Adjunct Project, Graduate Center, and CUNY communities in order to find someone who’d want to take up this task.

The details:

We know the basic website model we’d like to emulate—it’s WordPress-based, like our current site—and we can offer $401.52 in compensation, our monthly individual wage as AP coordinators during the academic year. We each work about 24 hours a month, and we expect the redesign to take far less time than that—though the work doesn’t have to happen in a month’s time: there’s no rush, so long as the redesign is ready for the start of the fall semester. (We can talk more about timing in the initial consultation.)

Beyond the above, our only additional consideration is that we want to find a CUNY graduate student worker or post-grad adjunct for the job, so if the prospect of redesigning the AP site resonates with you, let us know! And if it doesn’t, please circulate this post to your various listservs and to your web-design-savvy GC/CUNY pals!

All inquiries to me (Sean M. Kennedy) at kennedy.sean@gmail.com, please, along with one or two samples of previous web-design work. Thanks!


What: Adjunct Project website redesign

Who: you or someone you know, at the GC or CUNY

When: between now and the start of the fall 2015 semester

How: less than 24 hours of labor, for compensation of $401.52

Contact: Sean M. Kennedy (kennedy.sean@gmail.com)

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